School Policies » Homework Policy

Homework Policy

  1. Each teacher will inform students and parents of their homework policy.
  2. The major reason for any homework assignment is to provide PRACTICAL APPLICATION of the skills learned in the classroom. Students are expected to turn in their assignments ON TIME and NEATLY DONE.
  3. Completion of homework assignments is the student's responsibility. This will be carefully monitored by teachers. Parents will be held accountable for any damage or loss to books checked out to the students.
  4. The following provides you with an approximate number of minutes for homework you can expect each evening:
    Grade K:15 Minutes
    Grade 1: 20 Minutes
    Grade 2: 20 Minutes
    Grade 3: 30 Minutes
    Grade 4: 30 Minutes
    Grade 5: 45 Minutes
    Grade 6: 60-90 Minutes
    Grade 7: 60-90 Minutes
    Grade 8: 60-90 Minutes