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Mission & Vision

At Idyllwild School students learn to become productive members of society who contribute positively to the world around them. We ensure that students develop personal, artistic, social, physical and academic skills by providing a safe, rigorous environment. Students are expected to do their personal best.

Idyllwild School operates as a team of staff, families and community members where the staff uses a variety of strategies to challenge, support and actively engage students physically, emotionally, socially, artistically and academically. Families are actively involved and participate in respectfully communicating with staff to support the success of their children. The most important criteria for measuring our success will be students' enthusiastically demonstrating life-long learning. Students leave Idyllwild School and transition confidently with high self-esteem, high personal goals and are able to work cooperatively with others. Idyllwild School is recognized as an exceptional school with a caring environment, high expectations and high achievement.

Administration that is supportive of student and staff needs for academic and life success.

Each other.

We recognize and celebrate each others' achievements.

Staff willingness to devote time and to collaborate in and across grade levels and subject areas to promote a consistent learning environment.

Staff willingness to come to agreement on plans and work together to increase effective teaching and student learning.

Teachers using best practices for educating students, addressing different learning styles and needs.

Being open to new ideas and a willingness to change.

Students thinking deeply and asking meaningful questions.

The importance of our Learning Community.

Teachers, principal and parents agree to focus on learning.

Support and implement research-based educational practices.

Share and use relevant data in a timely manner to differentiate instruction so that all students learn.

Collaborate across and within grade levels and subject matter to achieve our goals.

Implement common educational standards, benchmarks and assessments that provide for in-depth learning.

Be effective team members sharing decision-making and leadership roles.

Be respectful towards all members of the learning community and practice open, diplomatic, honest communication.

Consistently implement a clearly stated school-wide discipline plan that is communicated to all members and that honors the integrity of students.

Be actively involved and have a vested interest in our children's education.