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School Profile

IDYLLWILD School is one of twenty schools in the Hemet Unified School District with traditions dating back to 1882. IDYLLWILD School has an ethnically diverse pupil body and is served by a dedicated staff. Both staff and parents comment on the positive changes that are ongoing in our school.


Personal Characteristics of Pupils & Staff

IDYLLWILD School has an enrollment of 358 pupils in grades K-8. Pupils from this school come from families with a rising mobility rate - up from 11% to 22% family mobility. Approximately 38% of the pupils are in families receiving Aid to Families with Dependent Children that are eligible for free/reduced lunches. The ethnic makeup of the pupil population is 14% Hispanic, 2% Black, 81% Caucasian and 3% other. Our pupils have a variety of life experiences. Some pupils have recently arrived from foreign countries while others have never left their neighborhood.


Curriculum and Educational Activities

The course of study includes the basic core curriculum, physical education and enrichment classes such as vocal and instrumental music, an artist in residency program and drama. Pupils have the opportunity to participate in after-school activities. These include intra-mural games, inter-district sports, science olympiad, academic pentathlon and after-school tutoring and homework help. Our staff provides opportunities and additional activities open to pupils in the areas of spelling bee, young author’s creative writing publication, participation in various community contests (posters and essays), participation in community events and activities, environmental education programs, career day and leadership programs.


Idyllwild School’s Location & Physical Environment

IDYLLWILD School is located in the Hemet/San Jacinto Valley that has a low crime rate and "average" poverty level. The immediate area around the school includes single-family homes and cabins, mobile home parks, small commercial buildings, county parks and the forested trails of three forests.


Description of School Grounds

The school site encompasses uneven terrain in a forested setting. We have a combination of buildings ranging from the 1950’s to our new two-story classroom building and gymnasium. The middle school quad is set off to the side with hilly access and a bridge traversing a run-off creek. The playground includes basketball, wall ball and tetherball courts. An upper field is used for baseball, soccer and other field games. The new two-story building houses the second through fourth grade classes, a library, the staff lounge, a computer lab and the music room. During the school day, staff members and administrators provide campus supervision. Identified problem areas are off limits unless we have extra personnel to provide increased supervision to reduce discipline, crime, or other school safety concerns. It is the practice of IDYLLWILD School to remove all graffiti from school property before pupils arrive to begin their school day. Other acts of vandalism are promptly addressed.


Maintenance of School Buildings/Classrooms

The school's physical facility is well maintained and generally looks neat and clean. The school was most recently painted during the summer of 2003 and renovated during the summer of 2004. District personnel periodically examine the school’s physical facility and help eliminate obstacles to school safety. Additionally, health and fire department inspectors contribute to school safety. Monthly inspections are completed and sent to the District Office along with any necessary work orders to correct safety issues. The classrooms are monitored for safety and appearance by the administration and individual classroom teachers. The pupils take pride in the appearance of the school.


Internal Security Procedures

IDYLLWILD School has established procedures in the following areas: California Safe School Assessment (CSSA) reporting procedures, suspension and expulsion procedures, inventory system and Healthy Kids Surveys.IDYLLWILD schoolcrime statistics reflect a total of two crimes reported during the 2000-2001 school year. Keeping reportable crimes at a minimum requires constant vigilance. The following strategies are utilized in achieving this goal: training and support for conflict resolution, PeaceBuilders and anti-bullying strategies. We review and update our progressive discipline plan annually, provide access to independent studies and in-school suspension or On Campus Restriction in lieu of suspension. A Community Resource Officer is present one day a week. IDYLLWILD School maintains a copy of the District’s sexual harassment policy in the main office/principal's office and the policy is available on request. Additionally, a notice summarizing this sexual harassment policy appears in the Parent and Student Handbook, distributed at the beginning of each school year to all parents and pupils. To ensure the safety of pupils and staff, all visitors to the campus, except pupils of the school and staff members, shall register immediately upon entering any school building or grounds when school is in session. District employees not assigned to IDYLLWILD School wear appropriate identification badges while on campus conducting business. Discipline procedures focus on finding the cause of problems and working with all concerned to reach the proper, lawful solutions. The school’s discipline plan begins at the classroom level. Teachers use a visible classroom management plan to communicate classroom rules, promote positive pupil conduct and reduce unacceptable conduct. Appropriate consequences are administered based on the seriousness of the pupil’s misbehavior. Pupils may be suspended, transferred to another school, or recommended for expulsion for certain acts. For specific student violations, a mandatory expulsion recommendation is submitted by the administration of IDYLLWILD School. Site administrators contribute to a positive school climate, promote positive pupil behavior and help reduce inappropriate conduct. Law enforcement is contacted and consulted to help maintain and promote a safe and orderly school environment. IDYLLWILD School employees comply with all legal mandates, regulations and reporting requirements for all instances of suspected child abuse. If appropriate, additional internal security procedures affecting the integrity of the school facility include: walkie-talkies, security system operational during non-school hours and classrooms equipped with intercoms.
Community involvement is encouraged to help increase school safety. The local volunteer Mountain Community Patrol responds to any safety needs when requested.


The School’s Social Environment

Leadership at IDYLLWILD School is a shared process. A proactive role is assumed in all phases of the school operation. The current management team is committed to developing IDYLLWILD School toward excellence in the areas of academic and social behavior. The principal sets a positive tone for the school, guides the staff and works closely with them on curriculum and school safety issues. The school site’s organizational structure is open and flexible, contributing to sensitivity concerning school safety issues and promoting a safe, orderly school environment conducive to learning.


Disaster Procedures, Routine and Emergency

A contingency plan for emergencies is contained in a handbook available to each staff member. The administrator at the beginning of each school year reviews the plan. This plan also contains available District and outside agency resources, emergency disaster procedures and information on Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS).


Classroom Organization and Structure

IDYLLWILD School teachers provide a varied learning environment in their classrooms. Teachers use a variety of teaching strategies including: projects, presentations, hands-on activities, portfolios, journals, creative writing, art displays and others. The teachers at IDYLLWILD School are highly qualified, with many teachers holding advanced degrees. The staff is united in their desire to provide quality education for all pupils. Classrooms and teachers provide safe, orderly learning environment, enhance the experience of learning and promote positive interactions amongst pupils and staff. Instructional time is maximized and disruptions are minimized.


The School’s Cultural Environment
There is a high level of cohesiveness among the staff members at IDYLLWILD School. Cooperation and support between teachers and the administration is evident. Efforts are made by the administration and staff to show concern for all pupils. All staff members have been trained in Developmental Assets.

All pupils are expected to behave in a manner that promotes safety and order. Pupils are encouraged to bring problems to the principal, counselor, teacher or other staff members. The everyday goal is for the staff to be proactive rather than reactive in all situations of concern. The academic and behavior efforts of pupils are recognized and rewarded. Cultural diversity is celebrated throughout the year by incorporating family identity traits across the curriculum, Black History & Women’s History Months.